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October 25, 2020, at 07:07 AM

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Welcome to Newburgh Envelope Corp

Welcome to Newburgh Envelope!!!

 Our Mission here at Newburgh Envelope is to be a local resource for entrepreneurs in Orange County, where they can have access to affordable marketing materials needed to run their businesses. 

Originally opened in 1959, the only product printed at Newburgh Envelope was envelopes.

Carl took ownership in 1971. Newburgh Envelope was expanded into a full service commercial print shop, offering forms, letterhead, raffle tickets and SO MUCH MORE!

Stuart joined the business and served as both the production and delivery arms of the company until he retired in 2015.

We returned back to our present location in 1996 adding a warehouse to the original carriage house where the original Print Shop was, generations prior.

Amy began working for her father and grandfather in 2007, after completing her BA in Marketing at SUNY New Paltz. Learning all facets of the business from Sales, to production and delivery, Amy was involved in many aspects of the business before eventually taking over in 2015 as CEO.

Amy's passion for the industry comes from our clients and their passion for what they do. Excitement is truly infectious. When a client is passionate about what they do, we can be too.

There are many new products and services that will be available at Newburgh Envelope in 2019. Please follow us on all the social media sites so that you don't miss out!

Newburgh Envelope Corp

1720 Route 300 Google Map
Newburgh, NY
fax: 845-566-4212
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